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  • Rabies Vaccine

    Why get the Rabies vaccine?

    Kamsons Pharmacy offer a quick and easy rabies vaccination service. Rabies occurs in warm-blooded animals and is usually transmitted to humans through a bite or a scratch. Unfortunately, once the symptoms of rabies have appeared, the disease is almost always fatal. Most human cases of rabies occur in Asia, Africa and South and Latin America.

    Rabies Symptoms

    Very few travellers catch rabies but bites and scratches from animals are more common and it is often difficult to tell if the animal was infected.

    Symptoms of Rabies include:

    • headache
    • fever
    • general weakness
    • numbness or tingling around the wound site
    • muscle spasms
    • hydrophobia (fear of water)
    • convulsions

    Further information on Rabies can be found on the Travel Health Pro website. 

    Our vaccination service and how it works

    Many Kamsons pharmacies offer travel vaccinations that can be administered in the pharmacy. To register your interest for this service, simply complete the below questionnaire. The form will then be reviewed by one of our independent prescribers. Once the pharmacy has received the prescription, a member of the pharmacy team will contact you to arrange an appointment for administration of your vaccine.

    From completing the initial form to having your travel vaccines ready to administer we aim to complete the process in 2 working days.

    The Rabies vaccine is available from Kamsons Pharmacy for £70 per dose, you need three doses for full protection (doses given on days 0, 7 and 28).

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