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  • Meningitis B Vaccine

    Why have the Meningitis B Vaccine?

    The Meningitis B vaccine will protect you against infection by meningococcal group B bacteria.

    There are 12 known groups of meningococcal bacteria, and group B (MenB) is responsible for about 9 in every 10 meningococcal infections in the UK. Meningococcal infections can be very serious, causing meningitis and sepsis which in some cases can be fatal.

    Meningitis B is now part of the NHS vaccination programme.

    Our vaccination service and how it works

    Pharmacists are highly trained medical professionals who are perfectly placed to offer a quick and convenient vaccination service to their patients. To get started, simply complete the online consultation form at the bottom of this webpage. The form will be reviewed by one of our independent prescribers and a prescription will be sent to the pharmacy of your choosing (should the prescriber have any questions or concerns, they will call you).

    Once the pharmacy has received the prescription, a member of the team will contact you to arrange an appointment for administration of your vaccine.

    From completing the initial form to having your vaccine ready to administer we aim to complete the process in 2 working days.

    The meningitis B vaccine is available from Kamsons Pharmacy for £115 per dose. Two doses (given on days 0 and 30) are required to complete the course. 

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