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  • Hepatitis A Vaccine

    Why have a Hepatitis A vaccine?

    Hepatitis A vaccines provide protection for up to 25 years. Hepatitis A is uncommon in the UK, but certain groups are at increased risk. This includes travellers to parts of the world with poor levels of sanitation, men who have sex with men, and people who inject drugs.

    Symptoms can include:

    • feeling tired and generally unwell
    • joint and muscle pain
    • a raised temperature
    • loss of appetite
    • feeling or being sick
    • pain in the upper right part of your tummy
    • yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice)
    • dark pee and pale poo
    • itchy skin

    More information about Hepatitis A can be found on the NHS website.

    Hepatitis A Travel Recommendations

    Vaccination is recommended when travelling to high risk countries such as: Indian sub-continent (particularly Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan), Sub-Saharan and North Africa, parts of the Far East (except Japan), South and Central America and the Middle East.

    For specific information on the vaccination recommendations for each country, visit the Travel Health Pro website.

    Our vaccination service and how it works

    Many Kamsons pharmacies offer travel vaccinations that can be administered in the pharmacy. To register your interest for this service, simply complete the below questionnaire. The form will then be reviewed by one of our independent prescribers. Once the pharmacy has received the prescription, a member of the pharmacy team will contact you to arrange an appointment for administration of your vaccine.

    From completing the initial form to having your travel vaccines ready to administer we aim to complete the process in 2 working days.

    The Hepatitis A Vaccination is available from Kamsons Pharmacy for £59 for one dose or £110 for the two dose course.

    One dose of the Hepatitis A vaccination provides 1 year of protection, a second (given within 6-18 months) increases the protection to 25 years. 

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