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  • Cholera Vaccine

    What is Cholera?

    The cholera vaccine is taken orally and protects against cholera whilst travelling. Cholera is found in countries with bad sanitation and poor access to clean drinking water. Cholera can cause extreme, watery diarrhoea which can lead to serious complications and in some circumstances, death.

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    Do I need the Cholera Vaccine?

    The risk of contracting cholera whilst travelling is low however certain activities may increase your chance of falling ill from cholera. You may be recommended to have the cholera vaccination if:

    • you are an aid worker
    • you are going to areas of cholera outbreaks who have limited access to safe water and medical care.
    • vaccination is considered potentially beneficial. (i.e. for those who do not fit into the above groups, but are still considered at higher risk)

    More information on travel vaccinations is available on the Travel Health Pro website.

    Kamsons Pharmacy Cholera Vaccination Service

    The Cholera vaccine requires two doses and is available at Kamsons pharmacy at £32.50 per dose (two dose course).  Following the completion of the below form, our prescriber will review your questionnaire and, where appropriate, will send your chosen branch a prescription. We recommend contacting the pharmacy two days after completing the form to arrange your appointment.

    If you are travelling abroad you may be interested in our other vaccination services.