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  • Pharmacy First – Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

    From 31st January, the new NHS Pharmacy First service will allow Kamsons Pharmacists to offer urinary tract infection treatment to women.

    Urinary tract infections (UTIs) affect your urinary tract, including your bladder (cystitis), urethra (urethritis) or kidneys (kidney infection). UTIs may be treated with antibiotics, but they’re not always needed. Symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI) may include:

    • pain or a burning sensation when peeing (dysuria)
    • needing to pee more often than usual
    • needing to pee more often than usual during the night (nocturia)
    • needing to pee suddenly or more urgently than usual
    • pee that looks cloudy
    • blood in your pee
    • lower tummy pain or pain in your back, just under the ribs
    • a high temperature, or feeling hot and shivery
    • a very low temperature below 36C
    Ask your Kamsons Pharmacist about urinary tract infection treatment.

    Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Treatment at Kamsons Pharmacy

    The new NHS Pharmacy First service enables Kamsons Pharmacists to supply NHS funded UTI treatment to women aged 16-64. The pharmacist can also provide advice, where required, to those not eligible under the NHS service.

    If you are experiencing symptoms of a UTI, you can call or visit your local Kamsons Pharmacy for advice. No appointment necessary. 

    You can call 111 or get help from 111 online when when the pharmacy is closed.