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  • Pharmacy First – Earache Treatment

    Earache symptoms can be severe and in some cases unbearable, requiring fast and effective treatment. The pain may be sharp, dull, throbbing or constant but is usually not a sign of anything serious. From 31st January 2024 our pharmacists will have additional treatment options available for earache through the new NHS Pharmacy First service (patients 1-17 years). Spotting earache in babies and children can be more difficult, they may:

    • rub or pull their ear
    • do not react to some sounds
    • have a temperature of 38C or above
    • are irritable or restless
    • are off their food
    • keep losing their balance

    Our Kamsons pharmacist can look in your child’s ear and provide advice and treatment where appropriate, without the need to see a GP.

    Speak to your Kamsons pharmacist if you have ear ache.

    Earache Treatment at Kamsons Pharmacy

    The new NHS Pharmacy First service enables Kamsons Pharmacists to supply NHS funded ear infection treatment to patients aged between 1 and 18 years of age. The pharmacist can also provide advice where required to those not eligible under the NHS service.

    If you are experiencing symptoms of earache, you can call or visit your local Kamsons Pharmacy for advice. No appointment necessary. 

    You can call 111 or get help from 111 online when when the pharmacy is closed.