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  • Pharmacy First

    The new NHS Pharmacy First Service is available from all Kamsons Pharmacies. From 31st January, patients can receive treatment for the below seven conditions from their pharmacy, no need to visit their GP!

    The seven conditions are:
    • Earache (1-17 years)
    • Sore throat (5 years and over)
    • Sinusitis (12 years and over)
    • Impetigo (1 year and over)
    • Shingles (18 years and over)
    • Infected insect bites (1 year and over)
    • Uncomplicated urinary tract infections (women16-64 years)


    Earache Treatment

    Sore Throat Treatment

    Sinusitis Treatment

    Impetigo Treatment

    Shingles Treatment

    Infected Insect Bite Treatment

    Urinary Tract Treatment