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  • Malaria Prevention Prescribing

    Malaria is a serious disease that is normally transmitted through the bite of a mosquito. If left untreated Malaria can be fatal. It is found in many different countries across the world, mainly in tropical regions including:

    • Large areas of Africa and Asia
    • Central and South America
    • Haiti and the Dominican Republic
    • Parts of the Middle East
    • Some Pacific islands

    If you are going abroad but you are unsure as to if you need malaria prophylaxis speak to a member of the pharmacy team.

    Our prescribing service

    If you are travelling to an area where malaria prophylaxis is recommended, please complete the below form. The area that you are visiting and your medical history will influence the type of anti-malarial tablet that is recommended.

    The completed questionnaire will be sent to one of our independent prescribing pharmacists to arrange your prescription. If the prescriber has any questions they will contact you directly. The medication will be ready to collect from the pharmacy within 1.5 working days.

    This service is available at all Kamsons Pharmacies.