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  • Advice and Self Care

    The pharmacist and our trained assistants are available to advise on common illnesses, in private if required.

    The pharmacy is often the best place to visit for initial advice. The pharmacist will be able to answer many of your questions and concerns plus provide forwarding advice if they think your issue could be something a little more serious.

    Many of our pharmacies are open extended hours and over the weekend. It is not necessary to make an appointment to speak to any member of our pharmacy team – you can just walk in at a time convenient for you.

    How can my pharmacy help me?

    Just a few examples of the subjects your pharmacy team can provide advice and information on are listed here:

    • sore throats
    • coughs
    • colds
    • tummy troubles
    • aches and pains
    • over the counter and prescription medicines
    • repeat prescriptions
    • disposal of unwanted or out-of-date medicines

    Private Consultations

    Most of our pharmacies have consultation rooms for private discussions. Your pharmacist can also talk to you confidentially without anything being noted in your medical records, which some patients may prefer. As well as medication advice members of the pharmacy team can also advise you on how to live a healthy lifestyle such as advice on how to stop smoking, cut down your alcohol intake or how to eat a healthy balanced diet.