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  • Flu Vaccination Service

    Protect Yourself and Your Community with a Flu Jab

    At Kamsons Pharmacy, we prioritise your health and well-being. Our flu vaccination service is designed to protect you and those around you from the seasonal flu, reducing the risk of illness and its complications.

    Getting vaccinated is a simple, effective way to stay healthy during flu season.

    Kamsons Pharmacy providing flu jab

    Why Get a Flu Vaccine?

    • Prevent Illness: The flu vaccine significantly reduces your risk of contracting the flu.
    • Protect Vulnerable Groups: Help safeguard those who are more susceptible to severe flu complications, such as the elderly, young children, and individuals with chronic health conditions.
    • Reduce Healthcare Winter Pressure: By getting vaccinated, you help lessen the strain on healthcare services during flu season.
    • Stay Productive: Avoid the disruption of work and daily activities caused by flu-related illness.

    Our Flu Vaccination Service

    At Kamsons Pharmacy, we provide a convenient and professional NHS and private flu vaccination service. Here’s what you can expect:

    • Professional Healthcare Team: Our vaccinators are fully trained and qualified to administer the flu vaccine.
    • Walk-In and Appointment Options: Visit us at your convenience or book an appointment to fit your schedule.
    • NHS vaccinations available: Eligible patients are entitled to a free NHS vaccination. More information on NHS Flu Vaccination eligibility can be found on the NHS website.

    How to Get Your Flu Vaccine

    1. Locate Your Nearest Kamsons Pharmacy: Use our Pharmacy Finder to find the most convenient location.
    2. Book an Appointment or Walk-In: You can book an appointment online or simply walk in at a time that suits you.
    3. Receive Your Vaccine: Our trained pharmacists will administer the flu vaccine quickly and professionally.
    4. Stay Protected: Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ve taken an important step to protect your health.

    Corporate Flu Vaccination Service

    Kamsons Pharmacy also offers a corporate flu vaccination service to help businesses protect their employees. With our service, you can purchase electronic flu vaccination vouchers for your staff, which they can redeem at any Kamsons Pharmacy location. This is an excellent way to reduce sick days, enhance employee well-being, and maintain productivity.

    Contact Us

    For more information about our flu vaccination services please contact your local Kamsons Pharmacy or email us at contact@kamsons.co.uk.

    Are you eligible for a free NHS flu jab?

    Many patients 18 and over are eligible for a free flu vaccination on the NHS. If you are over the age of 65 or have certain medical conditions you could receive a free flu jab.

    You may be eligible for a free flu vaccine if:

    • You’re over 65
    • You have chronic heart disease
    • You’re pregnant
    • You have a chronic liver condition
    • You’re diabetic
    • You have asthma or lung disease
    • You’ve had a stroke
    • You have a chronic kidney condition
    • You have an illness or are taking medicines that lower your natural defences

    If you have any questions relating to flu vaccines please contact your local Kamsons pharmacy team or alternately, more information including a full list of those eligible for an NHS vaccine can be found on the NHS website.

    You may also be interested in our Pneumonia vaccination service.

    Full details of which services your local Kamsons Pharmacy offers can be found on their individual pharmacy page under the branches section of our website.