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  • Corporate Flu Jabs

    Why offer flu jabs to your employees?

    Offering Corporate flu jabs to your employees makes business sense. A huge amount of days are lost each year due to sickness, having a large impact on productivity.

    By protecting your employees against flu, you can maintain an efficient workplace and provide employee benefits to your team.

    Kamsons Pharmacy providing flu jab

    Why use the Kamsons Pharmacy corporate flu jab service?

    Many employers decide it is beneficial to their business to offer their employees season flu vaccinations. Many pharmacies will charge companies per staff member offered the vaccine.

    At Kamsons Pharmacy we only charge for the flu vaccines administered. We can provide you with vouchers to be distributed to your employees, this is often done alongside payslips. Your staff can then redeem their voucher at any Kamsons Pharmacy, you will not be charged for any staff who are eligible for a free NHS flu vaccination. Kamsons Pharmacy will then send you an invoice at the end of the flu season for the total quantity of vaccinations administered. The flu season runs from September to February however it is advised to have the vaccine as early in the season as possible.

    Kamsons Pharmacy offer a flu vaccination service from all branches. Many of our pharmacies also offer occupational health vaccinations.

    If you are interested in our corporate flu jab service, please contact us.