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  • Alcohol Support

    The first step to getting better is realising that you have a problem with alcohol. Do you get into trouble because of drinking, feel that you always need a drink or have people warned you about how much your drinking? If you answered yes to these questions, you may need help.

    If your body has become dependent on alcohol, stopping drinking overnight can be life-threatening, so get advice about cutting down gradually.

    Where to find support

    It is important that when you seek help you are open and honest about your drinking habits. You should start by visiting your GP. They can suggest different types of assessment and support to suit you. Find your local support services by clicking here.

    Stopping drinking overnight is harmful so your GP can help you to do this safely. You may need medication to help you cut down and reduce the associated symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

    More information on alcohol support can be found on the NHS website by clicking here.