Anticoagulant Monitoring

Kamsons pharmacy provides a full INR monitoring service to patients taking anticoagulant medication such as warfarin. This service is currently available in Brighton and Hove and is provided on behalf of NHS Brighton & Hove.
If you live in Brighton or Hove and receive anticoagulant medication that needs monitoring then please ask at our participating pharmacies about whether you are eligible to join our service.
The specialist Kamsons INR pharmacist will see you in the pharmacy counsultation room. They will take a finger-prick blood sample to test your INR reading and the result will be given to you there and then. The pharmacist will explain to you any changes in your warfarin dose that you will need to make.
The service has received high levels of positive patient feedback; the speedy access and short waiting times have been highly praised. The service was awarded Clinical service of the Year in the prestigious Chemist & Druggist magazine Pharmacy Awards held in May 2012.
The INR monitoring service is available in the following branches of Kamsons Pharmacy:
Kamsons Pharmacy is also commissioned to provide a domiciliary INR monitoring service to the housebound in the Sutton and Cheam localities.