Pre Registration Pharmacists

Kamsons Pharmacy has been named by the GPhC as the only chain with a 100% registration exam pass rate in two successive years.

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Pre-registration pharmacist recruitment for Summer 2019

Vacancies for pre-registration Pharmacists are available at selected Kamsons Pharmacies in Sussex, London, Surrey, Bedfordshire, Yorkshire and Manchester, to commence in August 2019. We normally recruit around 20 pre-registration pharmacists each year. 

To download a copy of our 2019 pre-reg recruitment leaflet please click here.

Why undertake your training with Kamsons?
  • The best pass rate (100%) for the June 2015 and June 2016 GPhC registration exam in the country
  • Nearly half of pharmacist managers at Kamsons Pharmacy undertook their pre-registration training with Kamsons.
  • GPhC pre-registration training and June examination fees are reimbursed
  • Interesting monthly off-site training days covering topics such as first aid, calculations, the Drug Tariff, mock exams, responding to symptoms, talks from independent prescribers within Kamsons and an intensive revision weekend.
  • Established training programme that has been running for over 10 years and is fully approved by the GPhC.
  • Our pharmacists receive no financial incentive for being a tutor; they do it because they want to.
  • Joint training programme with hospital preregs
  • Cross sector training placements in hospitals and GP surgeries encouraged

What do past Kamsons' preregs say about their training?

Anonymous online surveys have been conducted with pharmacists who have undertaken their pre-reg training with Kamsons Pharmacy; 70 responded.
  • 93% of respondents would recommend Kamsons Pharmacy to a student looking for a pre-reg place
  • 90% said that their pre-reg year was extremely or very effective at preparing them to become a pharmacist
Joint working

Kamsons Pharmacy provides training in over the counter skills for hospital pre-registration students working within Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Kamsons preregs undertake some joint training on law and ethics with hospital trainees, Kamsons preregs have a day of introduction to hospital pharmacy specialties so as to prepare them for the hospital aspects of the exam. Kamsons is also part of a collaborative that is trialling cross sector placements between preregistration pharmacists and GP trainees.

we work closely with the University of Bradford and the University of East Anglia to host sittings of mock registration exams for our pre-regs.

Manchester & Yorkshire

Kamsons prereg trainees in Leeds, Manchester and Bolton will undertake a local training programme instead but will still be invited to Sussex to attend a couple of training days.


In order to meet the GPhC requirements to commence pre-registration training then you will need to have completed your 4 year MPharm degree or a post-graduate OSPAP course. More details about eligibility are available on the GPhC website at

How to apply

Kamsons will be using Oriel for all pre-reg places for August 2019. Please apply through the national Oriel scheme.

After Oriel has closed, then should extra spaces arise, please apply by sending a copy of your CV and a covering letter to

Please use a subject heading of prereg 2019.

In your letter please state whether you have a right to work in the UK after graduation and your expected degree classification. Please outline which of our pharmacies you would like to work in and why you prefer your stated locations. Please briefly also write about what you have liked & disliked during your experiences of community pharmacy.

What our Pre-Registration Pharmacists say:

Laura Allsobrook- University of Hertfordshire graduate, Kamsons pre-reg 2015-16 and now Kamsons Pharmacist Manager in Eastbourne, East Sussex

"The monthly training sessions have been very informative and help with passing the prereg year, but also help us be better pharmacists in terms of teaching the Drug Tariff, the way pharmacies are managed, and what other staff in the company do.

Kamsons try to match you with a tutor that you'd work well with, and someone is always there to offer help & support if things aren't going well. For me, when my original tutor left, they found me a new tutor to work with and made sure I felt settled into the new pharmacy. There is always opportunity for working in different branches to get an experience of somewhere else, whether it be different services, a different demographic of people and therefore different medicine needs, or working with a new team.

It's great working within your pharmacy team but knowing there are 20 or so other preregs that are there for help & support and as friends. I found it a great network this year, especially when revising for the exam as we were constantly messaging about revision & sending each other questions and workings out.

I am now working as a pharmacist for Kamsons Pharmacy"