Medication reminder aids

If you, or someone you know, is having difficulty remembering how to take their medication then your Kamsons Pharmacist can help. In the first instance a medicines use review may be appropriate. This is where the patient visits the pharmacy and sits down in the consulation room with their pharmacist to discuss about how and when they take their medication.
The Kamsons pharmacist can talk with the patient about ways of how to remember to take their medicines each day. In some cases, a reminder on the front of the fridge door, an alarm clock or a mobile phone alarm may be useful. For others, a medicines chart to tick off after they have taken their medicines could be the most appropriate. In some cases, the Kamsons pharmacist may be able to suggest to your prescriber an alternative medicine that may only need to be taken once rather than, for example, three times each day.

Some patients may decide to purchase pill reminder trays to put their tablets in. If so, your Kamsons Pharmacist can tell you if your tablets are suitable for such a container

For other patients their doctor may decide to prescribe their medication weekly. These can be dispensed by the pharmacy into a weekly blister pack and collected or delivered to the patient each week. 

Please speak to your Kamsons Pharmacist about a medicines use review if you are having difficulty remembering to take your medicines.